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Pickup and Drop off

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Tyrepower Holden Hill has a large focus on customer convenience. As part of our goal to provide exceptional customer service we offer a pick up and drop off service!

Sometimes tyre replacements come at a bad time, and your day can’t be disrupted. Occasionally for some customers, public transport or walking is inconvenient.

Customers are always welcome to wait in our waiting area. Alternatively, we are happy to drop you off at your home, or place of employment, while your car is having new tyres fitted, a wheel balance, alignment or tyre rotation.

Please do note that due to staff availability and current workload, this service is not available at all times, on all days. If our pick up and drop off service is something you are interested in, please contact the friendly staff at Tyrepower Holden Hill right away to discuss an option that works best for you!

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For more information about Pickup and Drop off at Tyrepower Holden Hill, call us directly on 08 8261 9222 or use the form to send us a message.

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